Meet My Boy

May 07, 2013

I’d like to introduce you to someone special.  My baby boy was born several weeks ago.  I am completely in love and my heart with overflowing joy.  I feel so blessed and am incredibly thankful for him.  Have I mentioned I am in love?  Love. him. so. much.

I will be calling him “Junior” on here.  This is mostly so I can share things like poopy diaper stories without the fear of his friends Googling his name in high school and having him melt with embarrassment.  I plan on doing my mom-embarrassing in person instead by doing things like I kissing him in front of his friends as I drop him off for school Open-mouthed smile.  So I hope you understand why I’ll be keeping his name off here and also not sharing a ton of photos of him.  While I love seeing cute baby photos on other blogs and am tempted to share the adorableness that is him, the protective mother hen in me wants to keep him off the internets for now.  There will be plenty of time to put him out into the big scary world later, but for now I kind of just want to bottle up his baby innocence and keep him all for myself.  I’m not sure if that makes sense, but I’m a new mom so I’m allowed to get away with doing things that don’t make sense!

Thanks for being understanding and still reading this blog even though I’ve been away for a little while.  I’m still trying to figure out this “mom” stuff and want to focus my time and energy on my little bundle of joy so things have quieted on the internet lands for me.  I will be popping in and sharing things more now as I’ve gotten my “sea-legs” in this whole parenthood thing, but it will still be kind of sporadic as I am enjoying my baby bliss. 

Have I mentioned how in love I am?

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Optyk rozmus said...

It was nice reading your post. I have so much respect for new moms because they are the creator of a human being and also they carry the responsibility of guiding the little one to become a responsible human being.

Dacia @ Lemon Drop Life said...

Congratulations! Being a mommy is altogether amazing!!