December 23, 2009

2009 White House Christmas Decorations

I love decorating my house for Christmas, but it's always a lot of work.  No wonder the White House needed countless volunteers and 3,400 man hours to decorate for the holidays!  Check out some of the lavish Christmas decor and trees in the White House this year:

The Red Room Christmas trees are appropriately decorated all in red with red ornaments and large red ribbons.  The room's fireplace is dressed with a gorgeous red berry garland to match.

The State Room Christmas tree is decorated with ribbons and ornaments along with natural elements such as pinecones, berries, branches, honeysuckle garland, and dried flowers.

The Cross Hall contains two Christmas trees dressed with glass ornaments, pine cones, and red ribbons.  Beneath the trees is a beautiful gold tree skirt.  These Christmas tress stand guard around the door leading to the official Christmas tree in the Blue Room.

 The official Christmas tree of the White House is in the Blue Room and is adorned with handmade ornaments and yellow ribbons.  The yellow ribbons on the tree look so beautiful in the blue and gold room.

Past Christmas trees in the White House have been equally as gorgeous.  In 2004, the White House had trees decorated with snow and icicles.

And back in 1961 during the Kennedy administration, the White House Christmas tress was decorated with blue ribbons and lively ornaments.

December 01, 2009

Mosaic Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

You may have noticed something when I posted photos of my console table decorated for Halloween or when I posted photos of the bamboo hurricane planter I put together.  Actually, you may have noticed a lack of something.  For far too long, the space above my console table in my living room has been sadly blank. 

The wall has been empty, waiting for the perfect mirror to come along and decorate it.  For quite a while, I was shopping for a round decorative mirror.  Something red and mosaic would be perfect.  I finally spotted this beauty at Pier 1, but it’s $69.99 price tag was too hefty for me.
red mosaic mirror

But after waiting for far too long, my patience finally paid off and the mirror went on sale for $49.99.  I think I waited a little too long to save $20 bucks, but regardless the mirror is finally mine.  Here it is, my beautiful new red mosaic mirror!