February 06, 2013

Turquoise Nursery Mood Board

Now that I’ve spilled the beans on my super exciting secret project (a baby!) it’s time to get to the question that’s on everyone’s mind- what’s the nursery going to look like?!

There are a few things I know I want for the nursery:

1. A gender neutral design. Since we are not finding out the gender of the baby until d-day (delivery day that is), something gender neutral is a must.  I’m thinking a turquoise colored room since that will look pretty with colors like coral and yellow, as well as both pink and blue down the line.

2. Slightly modern-ish. While I don’t want an uber modern showroom style room, I’d like the furniture to have clean lines and a simple design.

3. Mixed furniture. To me, white furniture is often associated with girls and dark wood furniture is often for boys.  Since we don’t know what we’re having I’d like to use both light and dark furniture.  Plus, I think this will be a cool way to make the room look more personalized rather than buying a complete furniture set from a baby store.

4. Not too babyish.  Yes, this is a nursery for a baby, but I don’t want “baby" furniture that will only work for a baby or toddler.  Instead, I’d like furniture that will work in the long run and fit in any stage of the kiddo’s life and could even be used in other rooms of the house if we rearrange stuff down the road.

5. Fun colors and accessories.  Although I don’t want a super babyish room, it is a nursery after all which gives me a chance to use some bright colors, fun accessories, and funky patterns.  It’s the perfect place to play around with some fun decorating I might be afraid to choose normally.  I’m also thinking of going with a few tropical or jungle accessories, but trying not to be over the top “theme-y”.

So of course I had to put together a mood board to visualize my ideas.   Mood board time!

Modern-ish Slightly-Tropical Turquoise Nursery Mood Board:

modern turquoise nursery mood board

1. Crib
2. Dresser
3. Shelves
4. Chair
9. Elephant Hamper
6. Jungle Mobile
7. Changing Pad
8. Curtain Rod
9. Elephant Fabric

So that’s my plan for the room. What do you think??

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