July 19, 2011

Three's Company Apartment: Modernized

I'm having a lot of fun "modernizing" old TV show sets.  If you missed it, check out my take on modernized and updated Golden Girls and Brady Bunch living rooms.  Today, I'm having some fun with the Three's Company set.

I love watching old episodes of Three's Company.  My favorite episode was the one where there was some kind of misunderstanding and crazy hijinks ensued (just kidding, that was every episode)!  Here's Jack, Chrissy, and Janet on their living room couch.  I prefer the original cast, with Chrissy.

Three's Company took place in Santa Monica, California and their apartment had a beachy vibe.  Janet was a florist so they had plants everywhere.  

Now here's my take on the Three's Company set and how I'd modernize their living room if the show took place today:

Here's the breakdown of this updated Three's Company living room:

-Instead of a patterned sofa, I chose a neutral sofa with patterned pillow.
-I kept the drum shape of the coffee table, but modernized it with this cool dark aluminum version.
-The lamp style stayed very similar with this thin floor lamp.
-The side table was updated with a dark finish and a new storage basket underneath.
-The entryway chair is still wicker, but also has a new dark finish.
-The curtains are very similar to the original, with a fun beachy feel.
-There's also a new dark finish for the ladder style bookshelf.
-Janet added her touch to the place with wicker planters like this round one and this square one.  And of course lots of plants like this, this, and this.

I can picture Jack, Janet, and Chrissy having a lot of fun in an apartment like this.  There are plenty of plants for Janet to take care of and plenty of things for Jack to trip over!

What do you think of this Three's Company inspired decor?  Any suggestions for which TV show to modernize next?


Christina said...

I really like it alot! You should take a stab at Mork and Mindy next

Anonymous said...

I am also a fan of the Three's company show. Have seen probably every episode but I DVR them & laugh at them every time. One of my favs was when Jack made the pie & Chrissy ate it & they switched the pie with a store pie! I love the wicker in the apt. & am dying to find a white wicker corner shelf that they had in the living room with plants on it. Any ideas??