July 13, 2009

Meet the DIY Newlyweds

Thanks for stopping by! We are a somewhat newly married couple making a home for ourselves. A few years ago, we got married and moved into a very beige and admittedly boring townhouse in New Jersey. Since then, we have been attempting to inject our snazzy personalities into our home. We may not be decorating pros, but we are a mostly normal couple who tries our hand at DIY and figures how to do things as we go along.  Our house may not be magazine perfect, and it may always be a work in progress, but it's just right for us!

Outside of house stuff and blogging, I work full-time in advertising and my lovely husband owns his own business.  In our free time, we enjoy playing with our very cute puppy, watching movies and TV sitcoms, trips to the Jersey shore, and heated games of ping pong.

I'd love for you to stick around. You can find me on Twitter and Pinterest, follow this blog, subscribe to my feed, or email me.

You can also check out our full project gallery to see what we've been up to in the past.

<3 The DIY Newlyweds