January 05, 2010

An Addition To Our Family

As I mentioned in yesterday's Christmas round-up post, we recently made a very exciting addition to our family!  If you paid close attention to yesterday's Christmas decor photos, you may have seen the clue I included.

Take a closer look at my Christmas mantle:christmas_fireplace_mantle

Yep, there is a paw-print Christmas stocking hanging next to our stockings!  We have a new little baby boy in our lives and he is furry, has a tail, and four cute paws!  Take a look at our new little boy:

He is a miniature schnauzer and I still can’t get over how cute he is.  He’s two and a half months old and is growing bigger and bigger by the day.  We are thrilled to have him as part of our family!

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Julia said...

Aaaw! How cute!

Amy @ Finer Things said...

What a cute puppy! Enjoy the adventure ahead. :)

Andrea@WhiteInspirations said...

Oh, my...
So cute!
I still treat mine as a puppy and she thinks she still is! :)