February 03, 2010

Last Minute Lost Party

After much anticipation, the final season of Lost premiered tonight (don't worry, no spoilers here) and I had a little Lost viewing party with Rob.  Unfortunately, I didn’t think of having a Lost themed party until 6pm tonight so I only had two short hours to whip something up.  To make matters worse, Rob and I have both been sick for the past few days and barely had any food in the house.

That didn’t stop me though and I put together a mini Lost watching party for  us.  First, I quarantined the refrigerator with the famous Quarantine hatch sign:

I also printed out the Dharma cafeteria symbol and used it to decorate the kitchen counter:

For food, I made pizza and stood some broccoli on it to make it look somewhat like trees in the jungle (use your imagination people, I didn’t have much time).  For some reason, I thought a rectangular pizza would be more “Lost” like and didn’t realize until afterwards that a traditional round pizza would look more like the island.  I blame my cold for clouding my Lost thinking!  But I salvaged the island-ness of the pizza by adding a Jack action figure which Rob got for me a few years ago.P1070969

Of course no party is complete without some dessert.  I wanted to bake some cookies but had no ingredients in the house (sometime during the past three days while I was stuck at home sick someone ate the rest of our chocolate chips.  Ok, maybe it was me).  Luckily, I had a box of low fat brownie mix and quickly whipped up a batch.  I always keep a box of brownie mix in the house for such last minute emergencies!P1070970

To make the brownies Lost-like, I cut them into the shape of an airplane and coated them with a layer of low-fat Cool Whip.  Tada, instant Oceanic Air brownies!  Don’t worry, the rest of the brownies weren’t thrown out, just put away for later munching.

And that is my last minute Lost party!  Nothing spectacular, but a cool way for us to enjoy Lost and have some fun on a weeknight.  I think our little Lost party turned out well considering my lack of ingredients, time, and preparation.  Did you have a Lost party?  Ever throw a tv show themed party?

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No I wasn't Sleeping said...

thank you for not teling me what happens. hubby was at a meeting tonight, and we have people coming over tonight to watch it sans commercials.
i love your printouts. Very clever. i sure hope they put it back on Wednesday nights, cause tuesdays just aren't good for us.
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Angie said...

How fun! I was sick too this week and my hubby and I wanted to have a big Lost watching party, but alas, I was under the weather. If I had thought of it sooner, i would have printed out some of these http://maxpictures.com/weblog/2007/04/10/lost-labels-for-your-dharma-initiative-needs/ and used them for refreshments! Looks like you had the same idea.

My hubby LOVES Lost and started a watching party on Twitter called Watch from the beginning or @LOST_WFTB. He goes by @LOST_BOSS now if you want to follow any of their going's ons. He also runs the www.lostblog.com if you want to check that site out. Its for fans, by fans. Happy Losting!!

This isn't spam by the way, Im a real blogger with a nerdy LOSTIE husband and thought I'd share.


Maggie said...

Haha! I love this post! You did such a great job coming up with some Lost goodies...I love that show and your party ideas would have made the premiere way more fun at our house!!! Super Cute :)


{oc cottage} said...


m ^..^

KayEllen said...

Oh my goodness my family would love this!!! We are huge LOST fans~~we had a party but just Taco Tuesday:)

Kay Ellen

Jenny @ DIY Newlyweds said...

Thanks for all of the Lost links and love. I'll have to plan ahead next time for a bigger Lost finale party.

Unknown said...

Great party! I am linking you on our family's little blog. I am also a lostie. The little indie theater near our house is showing the series finale. I can't wait!

Kristi Roe Owen

Lauren Borquez said...

Yay! For LOST parties...here is the little one my family of 3 had :)