March 04, 2010

Glass Bottle House

Talk about being resourceful, a man in Argentina has built a house for himself using 6 MILLION recycled glass bottles. For the past 19 years, Tito Ingenieri has been adding to his house and building it from glass bottles he’s collected in his town.

He has been able to take what some consider trash and create a home for himself, saying it’s the only way he was able to build his own house. While we obviously all aren’t going to start building our house from bottles, I think this is a very inspiring story showing how a man was able to build a home using the resources he had available for himself.



This story also inspires me to think about other uses for all of the glass and plastic bottles I put in the recycling each week. I try to re-use food bottles and containers for storing leftovers and other things as much as possible, but most of it still goes into the recycling. Of course recycling is better than trashing the items, but if this man can build a house from bottles, surely there are ways I can re-use all of the soda bottles, pasta sauce jars, milk bottles, yogurt containers, and all the other food containers we typically buy. Any suggestions?

Watch more about this super cool house below or read about this glass house on Fast Company.

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Shirley said...

Love it!!! Just today I was amazed at how much recycling has piled up in my garage over the last month. Because of recent snow storms I missed the county pick up and now my recycling bin is overflowing! I recycle religiously, but still feel bad about the carbon footprint of so many bottles and cans. Reusing is definitely best and this man has done a remarkable job with his house!