April 02, 2010

Modern Home Decor Fun

I love many different types of home decorating styles: Traditional, Contemporary, Cottage, Coastal, Zen, French, Moroccan, Tropical, Modern, just to list a few. And although I love to pour over photos of rooms designed in these many different styles, I wouldn't necessarily choose each of these styles for my own home. Not to mention, it would look pretty wacky if I had all of these decorating styles going on at once in my home.

So although I enjoy ultra modern homes and think they're very cool, it's not how I've chosen to decorate my own house and I prefer a more lived-in look for myself. Which is probably why I think the blog, Unhappy Hipsters, which I recently discovered is so funny. It light-heartedly pokes some fun modern homes gone too far. What's better than the cool photos, are the funny captions they add.

"The black hole had sucked everything out of the playroom. Save his sister or the coloring books? He made a split-second decision." - Unhappy Hipsters- Dwell Photo

"In their nuptial vows, they’d promised to never conceal anything, to remain completely open to one another. But the prison-style shower remodel wasn’t the anniversary gift she’d hoped for."
- Unhappy Hipsters - Dwell Photo

 "From her plywood perch she surveyed the new, clean world she’d created for herself. And it was perfect." - Unhappy Hipsters - Dezeen Photo

Since we're already poking fun at the modern hipster lifestyle (all in good fun of course), Hipster Puppies is another funny site with photos and captions like these:

"Perry could have easily informed the waiter that his order was wrong, but has decided to just write a bad Yelp review instead" - Hipster Puppies

 "Bernie moved to san francisco because it was more “laid back” and “anti-consumerist” than new york, but still manages to drink two cups of starbucks a day" - Hipster Puppies

Have you discovered any funny websites recently?  What do you think about very modern home decor and the "hipster" movement?

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