August 02, 2010

Baby Robin Nest

For some unexplainable reason, a bird decided to build a nest in the little hibiscus tree that’s in my backyard.  The same hibiscus tree that is on my patio, next to the sliding glass door where our four legged ferocious (from their perspective) doggy runs out, and near a noisy air conditioner.  These birds must have had an awful realtor.

hibiscus tree

Regardless, two Robins built a beautiful nest.  And about a week after I spotted the nest, a beautiful blue egg was deposited:


And the next day, there was a second beautiful blue egg:


For two weeks I wondered how a bird could fit inside such a tiny egg.  This weekend, the Robins finally hatched and I discovered the tiny little babies that were inside of these eggs:


I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen day old baby birds before.  They are both adorably cute and adorably ugly!


They have paper thin skin and only tiny puffs of feathers so far.  I can’t wait to watch these birdies grow up! 

Have you had any wildlife run-ins in your backyards?

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La said...

Such a pretty nest and eggs. Thanks for sharing.