May 19, 2011

We Got A Gazebo!

We got a gazebo! I’m excited and I’m getting straight to the point in this post.  We got a gazebo!

I quickly snapped some photos of it yesterday in between rain showers.  It’s been raining here pretty much everyday for the last week so I haven’t been able to get any good photos yet, but I couldn’t wait any longer to share the news.outdoor-gazebo

We’ve considered getting a gazebo since we installed our patio two years ago.  I found a great deal on this one at the Christmas Tree Shops and decided to get it.  I’m so happy I did!


It’s a 10’ by 10’ gazebo and we’re furnishing it with the patio furniture we already own, including our wicker loveseat and the coffee table I spray painted.  I added had a small green rug that I had once bought for my kitchen but it wasn’t a good fit.


I’m still in the process of decorating and would like it to feel like I’m relaxing on vacation, but I’m trying to find a balance so I don’t overdue it with too much kitschy beach décor.

…but I’ve already bought two cutesy welcome signs!



The main reason we wanted to a gazebo is for privacy since we’re so close to our neighbors and they can peak into our yard.  The gazebo makes our patio seem a little more private.  It came with mosquito netting which can be tied back or zipped to enclose the entire gazebo.  In addition to keeping flying critters out, it also adds a nice feeling of privacy.  Plus it has a pretty breezy look.


Now you know where to find me on the weekends- relaxing in the gazebo!  I still plan to decorate it some more, but I’m enjoying it already!  What are your thoughts on patio gazebos?  Are you a fan?

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Brenda Pruitt said...

What a nice space you've created! We have one in our courtyard (we live in a garden home and are close to our neighbor too). It's been up for four years and showing signs of wear. But I found it at Target for like $300. Can't beat that!

the cape on the corner said...

you say snarky like it's a bad thing...anyway, what a great new space! i love our gazebo, it definitely helps with the privacy factor. after 3 years, it's looking pretty bad, so we've got to get another. enjoy your space!

A Different View said...

I love your gazebo. We have the same issues with our neighbors - just too close. You might want to consider doing what we did with our gazebo. We anchored it to the patio with bolts. The first one we had took off in a thunderstorm and ended up in the neighbor's yard. We've had the new one for four years and it's still in perfect shape.

Monica O said...


I was wondering if you had a copy of the instructions for the gazebo. my husband and I just bought the same one and the top of ours is just not right. I was not home when it was put together and now the instructions and parts list are gone. I would be so thrilled if you could somehow email me the page with the parts and the page that shows the raised part of the roof. I know it's a crazy request, but I can not find it online or even just give me the name of the company and I can call them.

Thanks so much, Monica O.

kzemtp said...

Hy, i found your site while looking for the directions for this gazebo and was wondering you still had them? I bought the floor model and for some reason, they didnt keep the directions. I bought this a month ago and have been trying to piece this together since. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My email is if you can contact me.
Thank you so much.

Unknown said...

I was just wondering if you by any chance know the exact type and name of the canopy you have for your gazebo? I recently purchased a house and they have this exact gazebo set up outside but the canopy was ripped and they threw it away. I am having such a hard time finding a replacement canopy that fits. The christmas tree store does not sell replacement canopies. thanks for your help. my email is