December 24, 2011

Christmas 2011: Our Tree

Merry Christmas Eve!  I can’t believe the big day is almost here.  Presents are wrapped, dessert is baked, but I haven’t yet shared this year’s Christmas tree.  You can check out part 1, my vintage inspired faux Christmas tree, and part 2 my holiday living and dining rooms, but I’ve finally taken some photos of this year’s big tree and family room to share.  Here she is!


This year, I chose to put the tree to the left of our fireplace so it’s right between our kitchen and family room.


Keeping to my vintage inspired theme this year, the tree is decked out with ornaments from Christmas of yore.  This year, I brought over a lot of ornaments from my childhood since my parents no longer put up a large tree like they did when we were kids.  So I added a lot of wonderful and sentimental ornaments, like this fabric owl ornament:


This year we also have some vintage ornaments that were passed down to Rob which were originally from his great-grandmother.


I think the old family ornaments are so special and make our tree more meaningful.  In addition to all of the real vintage ornaments, I sprinkled some vintage looking glass ones and glittery baubles.


For an added vintage feel, I added tinsel to the tree this year.  We used to have tinsel on our tree when I was a kid so I really like the added touch of sparkle.


Over on the mantle, I used a tinsel garland for the vintage feel and decorated with some mini light up trees and a few more of those glittery ornaments that I love so much.



On a nearby side table, I set up a little Christmas village, another thing that I loved as a kid. 

christmas village 


Our staircase ties matches the mantle as it’s decorated with even more glittery ornaments (can you tell how much I like them). 


I also added some colorful garland that I used on the mantle as well.  I think it ties everything together nicely.


And of course, my colorful glittery ornaments are a must for this year. 


I’m so happy I went with a more colorful look for this year, but most of all I’m excited I was able to decorate with a  lot of vintage ornaments from both of our families.  Did you have a theme for your tree this year?  Are you feeling more colorful this year too?

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Vanessa said...

So glowy, so pretty. The holiday decor at your place is beautiful!