December 22, 2011

Simple Christmas Card Tips

I’m about to head out to wrap up my Christmas shopping (yes, I am usually one of those last minute Christmas Eve shoppers), but I wanted to pop by here first to share a quick tip for sending holiday cards.  Although these tips are really simple, they have helped me keep my Christmas card sending organized from year to year, which is always a relief given how busy this time of year gets.

First, I buy boxed holiday cards each year and usually there are a few left over in the pack.  The leftover cards typically don’t end up being used because the following year I can’t remember who already received one of these cards and I don’t want to risk sending the same card to someone two years in a row.  So now, as soon as I write a card I jot down the recipient's name and place the note in my box of cards.  Next year, I’ll be able to see who received one of these cards already.  This is also a good way to remember who I send cards to each year so I don’t accidently leave anyone out. 


My other tip is also quite simple, but it’s something helpful that I don’t always remember to do.  Whenever I get a card in the mail, I tear out the sender’s address to compare or add to my address book.  As holiday cards come in the mail, I save all of the address clippings on my refrigerator and then make sure they are entered correctly in my address book when I sit down to send out my cards.  I still like keep tracking of everyone’s addresses in a book rather than online or on the computer and this is just a helpful reminder to make sure I have everyone’s most up-to-date addresses.


So there you go, those are my quick holiday card tips that are quite simple, but can save me a headache.  Do you have any quick tips for keeping things straight during the holidays?

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