December 10, 2012

8 DIY White Ornaments

Every year I try to think of a slightly different look for our Christmas tree.  This year I wanted to go for a more white, silver, and gold look.  I’m calling it my elegant wintery look (and no I’m not done with the tree yet, please tell me I’m not the only one without a fully decked out tree at this point?  I feel like I make this same statement this time every year!)  Anywho, I already have some white ornaments but I’d like to make some diy white ornaments myself.  So in my interwebs research of diy ornaments, I put together a round up of some cute make-your-own white ornaments.

DIY White Ornaments

1- DIY Pearl Ornament – I think this looks so elegant!  And it seems pretty straight forward to make, lots of faux pearls glued onto an old ornament.

2- Paper Poinsettia Ornament – How cool is it that this beautiful flower is made from paper.

3- Glittery Newspaper Ornament – I couldn’t find instructions for this beauty, but I bet it’s made by mod-podging (that’s an adjective right?) newspaper strips onto an old ornament and then covering it with pretty glitter. It would be very cool to wrap the pages of a Christmas book or words of a poem onto an ornament.

4- String Ornament – A pretty ornament out of just string?! Crazy, but true.

Make White Christmas Ornaments

1- DIY Glitter Ornaments – I go a little glitter crazy during the holidays, so of course I love this diy ornament idea.

2- Button Ornament- How cool is this ornament made from repurposed buttons.  I bet this would also be a nice gift to anyone who loves to sew.

3 – Yarn Ornaments – So simple, yet cool!

4- Glass Feather Ornaments – The ornaments shown above are actually available for purchase, but I bet they would be fun to make yourself too.  Just a clear glass ball and some pretty white feathers are needed.

I better get to work making some of these ornaments!  Have you crafted any ornaments yourself this year?  And anyone else still working on (and way behind on) their Christmas tree and décor?

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