June 23, 2010

Bermuda Glassworks & Clayworks

My recent Bermuda vacation was all about the beach, but on our last day there we did a little shopping.  One of the places we checked out was Dockyard Glassworks where local artists make hand-blown glass pieces.  They even did a demonstration of how their hand-blown glasswork is made:
The studio makes plates, vases, and many other types of glass items in an array of beautiful bright colors. 
The variety of colors reflects the bright colors of Bermuda: pink like their beaches, turquoise like the ocean, and blue like the sky.
 P1100455  P1100456
The glass studio also featured gorgeous glass light fixtures and sculptures: 
P1100459  P1100460
Next to the glass studio, we also went to Bermuda Clayworks which featured custom made clay pottery.
Isn’t this stuff beautiful!  Do you own any special glass and pottery or other special souvenirs from a vacation?


Vanessa said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures- I'm loving all the colors, and textures- so much artistic stimulation. Glass art is so amazing, it requires so much care because of its fragility and impermanence. It DEMANDS appreciation.

Jennifer Hairstuff said...

Wow these are so pretty! I wish there was somewhere like this near me, I would love to go and see this!