June 21, 2010

Easy Receipt Organizer

One of my home goals for this year is to get organized.  I've found that our house tends to get disorganized and messy when there is not a proper place to put everything and we end up just tossing our stuff in a spare drawer or closet because we're not sure where to put it.  So this year (it will take a year, trust me) I've tasked myself with going through the house (closets, drawers, garage, basement) and making sure there is a proper place to put away all of our belongings.  Not only will this allow us to be more organized, but I'm hoping it will mean less cleaning up on a daily basis since it will be so easy to put our stuff away.

One of the items I'm bad at keeping track of is store receipts.  I like to hold on to a lot of my store receipts in case I have to return an item.  I can find random receipts in my purses, drawers, and car, but I can never find a receipt when I need it.  To solve this problem and keep my receipts organized and easy to find, I bought a simple plastic accordion file organizer:

This mini file organizer is the perfect size for storing all of the receipts I need to hang onto.  It came with alphabetized stickers that allow me to sort receipts by store name.  It also came with month stickers in case I wanted to organize receipts by month of purchase, but organizing by store name works better for me.


I keep this receipt organizer in my living room console table, so as soon as I get home I'm able to quickly file away any important store receipts from my purchases.  Now, I have the perfect place to put away any receipts and I know just where to find a needed store receipt if I need to return an item.


This simple solution has made organizing my receipts much easier.  When it comes to home organization I always say, sometimes the best solutions are the simplest solutions!  Do you have any trouble keeping track of your store receipts?  Any other tips or solutions for this problem?


Shirley said...

I keep my receipts in one of those files too! But, I find it easier to organize the receipts by months rather than by store. This way all I do is shove all the receipts into one slot when I get home, rather than sorting them by store. Good luck with the organization, it's great when everything has its own place!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

We have a small file, too. It's organized by month and it's in my car. Then, I just stuff receipts in it when I get in the car and they are always there when I need them for returns. Its so handy and it's a habit now, so it works for us.