August 17, 2010

Oh The Gardens You'll Grow!

You may remember that a few months ago I went garage sale crazy and loaded up every inch of my car with free garage sale goodies.  Amongst all the great stuff I snagged, was a large potted plant.  Here it is stuffed in the back of my car:

Once freed from my trunk, the plant found a new home on my backyard patio.  I've affectionately dubbed it my Dr. Seuss plant because of its wacky branches and leaves that remind me of the Grinch.


The plant was happily living on the patio until a fateful backyard barbecue when a game of catch went awry and one of the plant stems was broken off with a football.  To make the best of the situation, I took the broken stem and placed in a glass of water.

After a couple of weeks, the broken stem started to grow roots.  The roots were also kind of Dr. Seuss like and little bit creepy looking if you ask m, but they also meant that it was time to replant.


I planted the formerly broken branch in a cute white planter I bought at Walmart last year and now I have a second Dr. Seuss plant!  This one sits on a table in my family room and brings some more life into the room.


Most perennial plants can be propagated by cutting off a stem or leaf and placing it in water or potting soil.  I totally recommend it as a way to grow a new plant from an existing one and a great way to get a free new plant!  Just make sure to research the proper propagation technique for your type of plant.  Have you tried propagating your plants?


La said...

Yeah! A happy ending! La

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I've never tried this, but I must. It's amazing.