June 16, 2011

Water Without Elephants

Since we added trees and a garden to the very back of our yard we needed a way to water them.  The problem was that we only had one outdoor faucet in our yard, at the very front of it.  So to reach our new garden bed we would either need a 75+ feet hose or another way to water.

As someone who personally hates dealing with a hot mess of tangled garden hose, the first option was a no-go.  I suggested getting an elephant, but Rob worried that might get messy.

So my very clever Dad suggested creating a second faucet half-way through our yard.

To our existing faucet, he added a splitter and on one end attached our regular garden hose (that is the perfect length for watering plants around our patio).  On the other end, he added a PVC pipe.  He had to work some of his magic to connect the pvc pipe to the hose by buying some special parts (I wish I could detail this further but, like I said, he used magic).

The PVC pipe then ran down to our patio and along our fence behind our patio garden area.

I've since move the pipe closer to the fence so it's not very noticeable.

And halfway through our yard, the PVC pipe ends at another water spigot.

garden spigot

There we attached another garden hose that's the perfect length for man and dog to water our new garden bed.  No elephants required.

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Rachel @ We Heart Minnesota said...

Thanks for the good idea. We too have a large distance from our faucet to the back corner of our yard so that's something to think about. My husband usually leaves our hose assortment just laying around our front yard, and it drives me CRAZY.