September 15, 2011

Bonjour Corsica

I'm back with some more photos from our European vacation.  Last week, I shared our visit to Genoa, Italy and today I wanted to give you the scoop of our next port of call- Ajaccio, Corsica.

Corsica is an island off the coast of France and is a French territory.  We visited Ajaccio which is the capital of Corsica and was the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte.  Okay, enough with the history lesson, here are the pictures!

Docked in Ajaccio, Corsica
Coast of Ajaccio

Sailboat in the Harbor
La Madonuccia Cathedrale
La Madonuccia Cathedrale

Ajaccio Cathedral

San Rucchellu Orator Church
Oratoire San Rucchellu Church

Napoleon Statue
Napoleon's House
Napoleon's Birth House
Ajaccio Street
Goat Sighting

French Bookstore
Beach in Ajaccio

It was fun to see visit a place that looked both French and tropical at the same time (lots of palm trees everywhere).  I'll be sharing our next stop- Cannes, France soon.  

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