November 06, 2011

Twine Wrapped Candles: My unFootball Sunday

I’ve been having so much fun with (un)Football Sundays each week and am excited that it’s my turn to share a fall project today.  If you missed any of the past projects, you can check out the projects from Traci, Alissa, Kim, and Rhoda.
I got the inspiration for my fall project from these rather plain looking candles.  You have probably seen these same ones at Walmart where they sell for $1 or $2.  They smell great, but there is nothing striking about their look.  So I decided to spruce these babies up for fall by wrapping them in twine.

I had some twine on hand (purchased a while ago from the dollar store) and hot glued it to the bottom of the candle.  I placed dots of hot glue around the bottom of the candle and wrapped the twine around, and then continued wrapping it up the sides.

I continued to place dots of hot glue sporadically around the candle and wrapped the twine tightly around it.

The candles looked better already, but I decided to give them a fun twist with some spray paint.  I taped off horizontal stripes on one candle and vertical stripes on the other.

Then I got busy spray painting and donned one in white and the other in red.  I think these colors go nice for the fall, but would also look nice in the summertime for a nautical look. 

I’m really pleased with how these candles turned out.

Here are the candles on my living room table, next to my red painted shell.

This was such a quick and easy project and I was able to use materials that I already had on hand.  I’m really enjoying this candle transformation, what do you think?

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