November 02, 2011

Travel Gallery Wall

I did it!  I made a travel gallery wall in my upstairs hallway!  I’ve wanted a gallery wall for months and finally finished it!  We love to travel, so I filled the wall with photos and souvenirs of our trips.  I am so excited by how it turned out!


I absolutely love it!  I’m so happy I made it travel themed because these photos and mementos invoke so many wonderful memories. I painted a bunch of frames that I already owned white and filled them with bright photos and postcards.  One of our favorite vacation souvenirs are art print postcards.  I always look out for postcards with prints of local art work whenever we travel.  It’s so nice to bring home a piece of unique art to remember a trip and they’re usually pretty easy to find and cost less than $1.

One of the frames that I painted was document sized and did not come with matting which made it a little tricky to frame a photo in.  So instead I came up with a postcard collage for it.
I wrapped the frame backing with a map of Rome from our recent trip to Europe and placed a collection of post card art on top of it.  I love how it turned out and am glad I got to frame a map as part of the wall.  Rob’s favorite part is a post card from Cannes of a vintage 1925 advertisement of a monkey drinking a bottle of liquor!
I made sure to save a spot for the map photo frame I made a few months ago too.
Of course the wall is full of lots of vacation photos.  I also included a piece of hand painted art from our honeymoon in Costa Rica.
I’m so thrilled with how this gallery wall came together.  It will also be fun to play around with the photos and art and swap them out as we travel in the future.  I hope this give me an excuse to take more vacations! 

I’ll be back to share details of how I put together the wall, including how I worked out the spacing between each frame, later this week.  I found much of my inspiration for this wall on other blogs and on Pinterest (like the gallery wall from Young House Love and travel wall from Running Lawyer).

So what do you think?  Do you have any gallery walls in your house? Do you display vacation mementos is another way?


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

It looks really great! I just finished putting up some black and white travel photos in a photo wall in our living room. So fun to see your photos everyday.

Anonymous said...

great job! I'm in love with this idea! Between my boyfriend and I..we have been to many places/countries and so many pictures and memorabilia...this is a great idea to try, one day soon. I'm thinking a winter project for sure! :)

Ashley said...

This is amazing! I also worked on a gallery wall for my Pinterest Challenge...mine is for my master bedroom! Yours looks great, well done!

Tamsyn said...

I love this so much! Such a perfect way to display your holiday memories!!

Gallery walls must be the thing of the moment, I did a mini one in my laundry for the challenge too!

house of earnest said...

what a cute idea!! I have so much stuff like this, but I think putting it all together is a common theme that unifies it... GOOD THINKING!!

Thanks for linking up too :)