December 18, 2012

DIY Matryoshka Felt Ornament

I have a friend who lives in Europe and I wanted to send her a care package for the holidays.  I thought it would be nice to include something handmade and for her Christmas tree in the package, but of course it couldn’t be anything fragile and it couldn’t weigh a lot either since shipping overseas is so costly.  So I decided to make her a cute little felt ornament, and I loved making it!

I found this great matroyshka doll ornament pattern and wonderful instructions at My Sparkle and thought it would be perfect for her.  I printed out the pattern and cut out the individual pieces from paper and then traced them onto felt and then cut them out.

how to make felt ornaments

Then I used tacky glue to glue the front pieces onto each other.  I think what makes this ornament look so cute is the multiple layers it has going on.

diy matryoshka christmas ornament

For some added interest, I hand-sewed a cute outline from yarn around some of the pieces.  Once I had the front done, I partially sewed it to the back piece using the blue yarn again and then stuffed the ornament with fiber-fill before sewing completely shut.

diy matroyshka ornament

I finished up the ornament with a little bead in the center of the flower and a drawn on smile.  I think my little nesting doll ended up looking very cute and I really loved making it.  It was time consuming to get all of the little pieces looking just right, but I had fun in the process.

diy felt christmas ornament

I’m so happy I was able to send a friend who lives very far away something homemade and special just for her.  Now I’d love to make some more felt ornaments since I enjoyed the process so much.

Have you tried your hand at making felt or any other ornaments for your Christmas tree?  You can check out my round-up of 12 DIY Christmas Ornaments or 8 DIY White Ornaments for some more do it yourself ornament ideas.

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Dacia @ Lemon Drop Life said...

That is SO adorable Jenny! I think a whole tree full of these would be precious!!