February 21, 2013

Past Resolutions Update

Yesterday I shared my list of DIY projects I hope to accomplish this year, dubbed my “New DIYear Resolutions”.  Shamefully a couple of items on this year’s list were left overs from previous years.  In an effort to redeem myself I thought I’d share updates on some of the projects from past years’ list (you can check out 2010, 2011, and 2012 here) that I actually accomplished.  Plus they’ve ended up being some of my favorite projects so I figured I’d share.

Front Yard Landscaping: This is from the 2010 list and we’re so happy we tackled this project.  Not only did it add curb appeal to our house, but it also makes bringing in groceries a heck of a lot easier.  We used to have a very small planted pathway leading to our front door which we ripped out so that we could install a new paver walkway. Then we added a retaining wall and some plants of course. I also spruced up the area around our front door a bit.

Fireplace Mantle Update: This was a project that was on my 2010 and 2012 lists and has been a work in progress that I finally finished last year.  We added an expanded mantle shelf, hid the tv cables above the fireplace, painted the brass accents black, painted the mantle white, and added mosaic tile around the mantle.

Kitchen Updates on a Budget: In 2010, I hoped to make some updates to our kitchen which we accomplished by installing granite countertops, a new tile backsplash, and a new faucet and granite sink. Hmm…I really need to share some newer photos of the kitchen, I’m going to get on that! 

Home Office Update: This has been one of my favorite projects around the house.  I transformed an outdated computer desk to a new office and craft work area.

Powder Room Update: In 2011, I tackled updating our powder room and transformed it from builder’s grade to an updated look for under $70!

Inexpensive Bathroom Makeover Update

Sew New Pillows: I went a little crazy with this resolution from 2011.  I sewed a vintage tea towel pillow, animal print placemat pillows, a sweater pillow, patterned pillows, and a nautical map pillow.  Turns out, I like to sew!

Organizing Around the House: Organization has been on my to-do list each year, partly because I believe this is an ongoing process and partly just because I’m a messy person by nature and this helps me keep on top of things!  I’ve done a lot of organizing projects over the years which you can check out in my organization category.  (Our mail center is pictured below.)

Whew!  Turns out I accomplished quite a few things from my yearly resolutions.  I better get started on this year’s goals now!  Do you have any accomplished resolutions you’re proud of?

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