August 24, 2009

Discount Bedroom Furniture Finds

I've been doing a lot of online furniture shopping lately (looking for family room side tables), and I can't believe the price differences between stores.  I've seen big price gaps between very similar pieces of furniture sold in different stores and I've even seen price differences between the same exact furniture being sold in different places.

So I'd like to play a little game...which piece of furniture is more expensive?  Today, I'm featuring discount bedroom furniture finds.  Which of these very similar furniture pieces is the pricier one and which is the cheaper:

Upholstered Headboard:

White Eight Drawer Bedroom Dresser:

Black Curved Nightstand:


Upholstered Headboard:
Left:  Target Tudor Headboard $329
Right:  Williams-Sonoma Gramercy Headboard $1,250

White Eight Drawer Bedroom Dresser:
Left:  Crate and Barrel Cubix Eight-Drawer Dresser $1,199
Right: Ikea Hemnes 8-Drawer Dresser $279 

Black Curved Nightstand:
Left: Pottery Barn Julia Bedside Table $199
Right: Bellacor Black Wooden Accent Table $67.50

1 comment:

- Sarah :-) said...

Oh my gosh! That's SO insane! What is wrong with people these days? Don't they know we're in the middle of a recession?! Man oh man!! What's even worse is the fact that peopel will BUY the expesive ones. That's totally nuts!!