August 12, 2009

DIY Wine Cart: Re-Purposing Furniture

Yesterday I posted some of my money saving home improvement tips, today I have another one: re-purposing furniture. After getting a new coffee table and console table for my living room, my existing side table looked crowded. After a little brainstorming, I realized it would be perfect to dress up my adjoining dining room which was in need of some more furniture. Since dining rooms don't really require end tables, I decorated it to become a wine cart! With a few bottles of wine, glasses, and a dressy napkin my wine cart was born! This simple furniture fix used items I already had and cost me $0!

I've been looking around for a wine rack to place on top of the table which may define it more as a wine cart. I've also considered hanging a holder in the compartment below so I can hang my remaining wine glasses. Although this would be very cool, since we're not huge wine drinkers and guests would rarely/never see that feature below, we decided to keep it as a general storage space (I think we have some party decorations in there). So there you go, old piece of furniture, new use, new look for $0. What furniture pieces have you re purposed?

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