August 14, 2009

DIY Indoor Fountain Paint Upgrade

When we were house shopping and walked into our house for the first time, we both agreed that the water feature would look great in the front living room. Both of us are big water people and love everything from fountains to the ocean. Come Christmas time, I wanted to buy Hubby an indoor fountain for the living room. I looked around online and found this "Leaf Sun" floor fountain from Seventh Avenue. After a few more searches I found what appeared to be the same fountain on sale on Ebay for much less and ordered it. When the fountain arrived, I was very disappointed. Although it functioned, the fountain was poorly put together, was made cheaply, and looked cheap overall with cracks in the paint and a totally messy appearance (note: although it looks identical in the photo, I'm not sure if the Seventh Avenue fountain would be the same quality). I tried to return it, but would have needed to pay a hefty price to ship it back (and swallow the original shipping cost I paid). So we decided to keep it and make the best of it.

After a few months of disappointment, I finally bought a few cans of spray paint and decided to fix the fountain myself. I chose a textured stone finish spray paint for the body of the fountain. The texture helped hide any imperfections in the structure and gives the fountain a more upscale look.

Then I painted the leaves/moon (after protecting the inside as shown) with a gold spray and used a darker hammered finish paint which I already had to accent the tree branches. I sprayed the darker color onto a crumpled up newspaper and dabbed it on the fountain to give the branches a cool streaky look that mimics real tree branches.

For less than $10 I was able to salvage this fountain and turn it into one I am proud to display. The final product is what I had wanted all along! Ah, the magic of spray paint.


- Sarah :-) said...

Oh wow - this looks amazing!!

Hope you don't mind, I found your site through YHL... How did you cover the stones?

DIY Newlyweds said...

Welcome and thanks for visiting & commenting, Sarah! The stones were the only part that did not need fixing up, so I simply stuffed some newspapers under the leaf/tree part to cover and protect them as I spray painted the rest of the fountain. It's amazing how much a little spray paint can transform anything!