September 09, 2009

DIY House Number Projects

Happy 09-09-09!  In honor of today's fun numerical date, I've pulled together some of my favorite ways to display another special number- your house number.  I've come across lots of fun diy projects to show off your home address:

Painting your house number on your door is a great way to add style to your entrance and allow your house number to easily be seen.

One of my favorite home address projects are these diy planters which are a fun way to display your house number in the summertime. 

In the fall, pumpkins can be carved or stenciled with your home address.  The pumpkins below look very festive and elegant.  I bet they would also look very cool for Halloween with the house numbers written in a "spooky" font.

Project by DIY Show Off

Project by Sunset 

Doormats are another great place to display your house number.  Here's an easy diy doormat where the address was stenciled on with spray paint:

  Project by Martha Stewart 
Lanterns are another place to display your house number.  These lanterns were made for a wedding, but I think they would look really cute on a front porch showing off your house number.  
  Project by Intimate Weddings

For a more durable lantern, I would try painting the house number on the inside of a mason jar or other glass jar and setting a candle inside.  You could also carve or punch holes into a tin or can in the shape of your address and use a candle to illuminate.  Any other ideas to DIY your address? 


- Sarah :-) said...

Ooh - I love that pumpkin idea. But I think my fave that I've seen so far is stencilled rocks (homemade over store-bought). But only because they work for all seasons so easily...

Brittany said...

I'm having a Goodwill party every Wednesday!! Stop by and join in!!

Roeshel said...

Thanks for featuring my projects! :) You have some great inspiration here!


Unknown said...

Love the planters! Great Idea!

Natalie Meester said...

great ideas! Thanks for sharing and giving some inspiration.

Fall Blessings,