September 03, 2009

Framed Postcard Art

Yesterday, as part of my favorite things, I mentioned how much I love surrounding myself with vacation photos which remind me of happy trips and memories.  Well it's not just photos I love to frame.  One of my favorite souvenirs from vacations are postcards (in addition to the obligatory mug and magnet we always pick up of course).  I'm not big on photo postcards since I'd rather take the photos myself, but I'm always in search of post cards that are art prints.  I look for watercolor and other paintings in postcard format.  I can't always find them, but it's extra special when it's a print drawn by a local artist.  I often see small and large prints being sold in tourist locations, but they can be pricey and I don't usually have a place to hang a larger print.  Instead I look for postcard versions of these prints and for about $1 (or less sometimes) I'm able to get the same interesting art piece that reminds me of a happy trip.

For less than $1 each, I picked up these pretty watercolor postcard prints from San Francisco.  I found them in the "Only in San Francisco" gift shop in Fisherman's Wharf.  Instead of the routine touristy souvenirs they sell there, I was  happy to find these mini art pieces which hang in my kitchen:

This summer, hubby surprised me with a trip to Bermuda (I have the best husband ever, I know) and I added to my kitchen art collection.  They didn't have post cards, so instead I found a set of note cards each with a different picture.  I especially like these because they're prints of paintings done by popular local Bermuda watercolor artist Carole Holding. Instead of paying $2,500 for an original art piece for about $3 I framed 2 of my favorites note cards as my mini art pieces.

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