September 01, 2009

Cable and Cord Organizer

My favorite organization tips are ones that are quick and cheap to implement.  After all, organizing your life is supposed to make it simpler and there is nothing simple about taking a day to organize something.  Big organization project that take hours usually end with me making a bigger mess than there was when I started!

So today I have a fast and cheap tip to share.  This one is is pretty simple, but I've always wondered how well these work so I thought I'd share.  The area behind my media stand which holds my cable box and dvd player was a huge mess with all kinds of power and cable cords.  Even though I tried to hide the cords behind the stand, some of them would inevitably peek out and make the whole stand look messy.

So I used a this Montera cable organizer from Ikea to condense the cords into one tube rather than a bunch of cables and wires going in every direction.  I couldn't find this cable organizer on the Ikea website so I'm not sure if they still sell it (my sister gave me this one),  but there are lots of similar cord keepers available for just a few bucks in many stores.

It was pretty simple to use and only took about 10 minutes to gather all of my cords in it correctly (it took me 2 tries since in my initial attempt I just tried shoving the cables into it without regard for the direction they were going in).  After just a couple of minutes I was able to neatly put all of my cords into this tube and lessen the mess.  Although it still doesn't look perfect back there, and I don't think there is any way to make it look 100% neat, it is much more organized and will prevent any cords from sticking out from the media stand for everyone to see.  Mission accomplished!

Have you used any other methods to organize cords or your media stand?


- Sarah :-) said...

We currently use the "tuck and roll" method. Tuck 'em here, and roll 'em up there. And it's not exactly one that I'd recommend. ha ha - but it works until I can remember to buy one of these awesome inventions while I'm at the store (which, knowing my memory, will probably be a while)!

DIY Newlyweds said...

I don't know why I waited so long to do this. I guess nothing motivated me until I had to reach back there and hook up some new cords so I could record Desperate Housewives!