September 21, 2009

Garage Sale Finds: Bike, Wood Table

All last week, I was excited to go to a huge indoor yard sale my town was hosting.  I was imagining all the great stuff I'd find from 90 vendors in one place.  When I got there on Saturday morning, things looked promising:

Boy, was I disappointed when I didn't find a single thing to buy there!  But I learned a good garage sale lesson, when sellers are charged $10 to set up a table, they tend to overprice their stuff!  I won't be going to that sale again, lots of stuff but nothing to buy.

However, I did hit the jackpot going to individual sales from around the neighborhood.  I got the best buys I've found all season and it definitely made up for the disappointing indoor sale.

First, I bought this mountain bike from a neighbor for just $10.  It has some scrapes here and there, but  since I know that I'll realistically only ride it a few times a year, it's perfect for $10.

At the next garage sale I found this cute chef basket for 50 cents.  I think it can be used as a little bread basket, but instead I plan to use it as a place to drop my phone, sunglasses, and other miscellenouse things in the kitchen rather than messing up the kitchen counter.


At the same garage sale, I found a 8x10 version of a photo frame I already have.  For 50 cents it was a great deal!  She also had a box of free stuff where I picked up a pair of binoculars and a frisbee.  All this stuff for just $1!

I also picked up 2 books at other garage sales, but my biggest find was at the last yard sale we went to.  For just $4 I picked up this solid wood table.  Yes, this very ugly old table.  Why am I excited about it?  Because it's just the size I need and I already have a plan in the works to transform this outdated table into something fresh and new.  Stay tuned!

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Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

You did good! I know, I hate when I don't find stuff at big sales. That is quite an ugly table, but I know it has some potential, so can't wait to see it all done. Thanks for joining the party!

Jane said...

That table has a lot of potential and for only $4.00 it was a great buy. Look forward to seeing the transformation!

- Sarah :-) said...

I CANNOT wait to see what you do with the table. I can totally see potential in it for SURE!!

dawgyah said...

Be sure to post pictures of the tabel when you are done.
It definitely has potential.

Kammy said...

I love your finds - $41 bucks for a solid wood table is a steal , can hardly wait to see it all fresh and new !

Anonymous said...

I love your chef basket. ..

Marigene said...

You did good! Can't wait to see the table transformed.