January 19, 2010

Easy Kitchen Recycling Bins

For a while, I’ve been searching for a recycling system for my kitchen.  Mail, cans, and other recyclables tend to stack up in our kitchen because it’s sort of a pain (read: we’re lazy) to always have to carry the recyclables into our garage where our large recycling bins are.

I’d love a recycling sorting station like one of these, but simply don’t have the room.


Finally, I stumbled onto the simplest solution that was under my nose the entire time.  I took a couple of plastic storage bins which I already had and placed them on the floor of my kitchen pantry.  One for paper/cardboard and one for cans/bottles (my town collects these together).  Voila, instant recycling center!


Now we have a convenient place to stash our recyclables.  Once the bins get too full, we simply empty them into larger containers in our garage.  It’s so simple I can’t believe it took me this long to figure it out!

Any other recycling suggestions?  How do you sort your recycling at home?

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Unknown said...

This is a fantastic idea, right now we pile everything on the counter until someone takes it to the garage! :)
Thanks for linking up!

Betty said...

That's a lot more convenient!

Meghan said...

I have some stacking bins with flip up that I got from Ikea (unfortunately I don't see them on their website now) that work wonderfully for us for recycling. I keep them stacked up in our utility closet. There's just enough space in there for them in from of our water heater.