January 04, 2010

Christmas 2009 Review

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and will have a wonderful new year in 2010!

With all of the holiday craze, I didn’t have much time to post my holiday decorations.  But I’m back now and wanted to share what’s been going on in the DIY Newlyweds household.
The centerpiece of our holiday decor was our Christmas tree in the family room.  This year, the tree was decorated with mainly red and gold glass ornaments.  Other colored ornaments were also mixed in, but almost all of them had at least a touch of gold or red.  To bring out the gold and red colors, I lighted the tree with a string of red lights near the core of the tree and two strings of white lights towards the outside of the branches.
Next to the Christmas tree, I decorated the fireplace with a faux pine garland and added white lights and red and gold pinecone and poinsettia accents.

Across the room, the staircase was decorated with another pine garland and accented with white lights, silver tinsel garland, and red ornaments.
And finally, I decorated the coffee table with a red tray with white candles, gold ornaments, and a cute little color-changing led snowman candle.
All of these Christmas decorations are still up and I’m continuing to enjoy them now.  I know many people take their decorations down as soon as the new year arrives, but I like to keep them up and keep the holiday spirit around as long as possible.  How did your holiday decor turn out this year?  Have you packed up the decorations yet or do you plan to leave it up a little longer?

Stayed tuned to see what else we’ve been cooking up and what’s been keeping us so busy at home.  Hint, it involves a new addition to the family and another renovation project!

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Liz said...

I like how you did the lights along the staircase and along the mantle. That looks VERY nice! Most of our stuff is down already, and now that it is, I am thinking I wish we'd waited a little longer. We have a real tree and it was getting a bit dry, but sheesh, the snowmen and chreche sure could have stayed up a bit more.

I'm toying with changing the look of our house, and so am madly going through books and magazines. Wanted to suggest to you one of my fabulous finds: At Home with Laurie Ann
by a decorator named Laurie Ann McMillin Ray. I find it especially useful because we just can't spend a lot on this, and her book is made for those who are budget-minded. You get taken step-by-step through a thrifty transformation process to change the look of your house, including using things you may already have. And the pictures! There are tons.

Julia said...

Looks Great! I say leave the decorations up for a little while past New Years. As much as I enjoy a decorated house, I do like the "back to normal" feeling I get when I take the decorations down.