January 21, 2010

Unusual Furniture Design

I usually think I'm pretty smart when it comes to re purposing old items in new ways (I did have the majorly brilliant idea of using a plastic bin as a recycling sorter after all - okay, maybe not), but I've got nothing on these designers.  Check out these awesome and awesomely weird furniture designs:

A chair from shopping cart!  How creative is this!
Source: Designed by Ramon Coronado

A bed made to look like a hamburger!  Not only does this look just like a real hamburger, but it looks super comfy too.  How creative and tasty!
hamburger bedSource: Designed by Kayla Kromer

Stairs made of bookcases, what a cool use of space!
staircase bookshelf Source: Found on Toxel

Magic carpet shaped chair:
flying carpet sofa Source: Found on Toxel

Kid's pirate bed, how cool would this be for any kid:
pirate ship bed Source: Found on Curious Photos

Tree branch bed, complete with bird's nest:
tree branch bed Source: Found on Curious Photos
While I don't have any plans to add a shopping cart chair or hamburger shaped bed to my home, I find this furniture to be totally inspirational and a testament that imagination is your only limit when it comes to home decor!  What do you find your creative inspiration from?

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