January 11, 2010

Power Cord Organization

This weekend, I went to unplug something under my computer desk and found this big mess of power cords:


Not only were all of the tangled wires unsightly, but I couldn’t tell what was what and didn't know which of the cords I needed to unplug.  Luckily I was able to clean up the entire area in just a few minutes!  I always say, the best organization solutions are the ones that are the simplest to implement!

I simply took some 1” address labels and folded them in half around the end of each power cord.  Then on each label I wrote what each power cord was.  Very simple, but it will save me a lot of aggravation next time I need to unplug  something.  If you don’t have any labels handy, you can try doing the same thing with masking or painter’s tape. 

Once I was already under the computer desk, I also cleaned up some of the excess wires by tying them shorter using some rubber bands.  Another easy and almost-free solution!


Like I said, very simple but effective!  Do you have any easy tips to organize your home office or work area?

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