July 29, 2010

Shell Candle Holder

I love decorating with natural and beachy elements so I had to have this shell shaped bowl when I saw it at the Christmas Tree Shops.  Luckily it was a total steal for just 3 buckaroos.


I filled the shell with a small candle holder (about $1 at Walmart) and surrounded it with actual sea shells.  The sea shells made the candle holder just as pretty from the top as it is from the side.


Easy as pie, I have a pretty shell shaped candle holder filled with what else but more shells!


Do you decorate your home with shells?


La said...

Love your results.

I just finished remodeling my bathroom in a beachy theme. I used seashells throughout. Check out my blog for the results.

Shirley said...

Wow, pretty on the eyes and the wallet! Was the shell on clearance, or is that their regular price?

jesslope said...

so cute. i just did one myself. check it out: http://lifeinprogress-jesslope.blogspot.com/2011/06/decorating-with-shells.html