August 30, 2010

Candle Set Switcheroo

I did a little switcheroo in our family room this weekend.  On our coffee table/ottoman, we usually display this candle tray with 3 flameless candles surrounded by decorative rocks.


The candleholder is cute, but I wanted to change it around a bit.  I decided to replace the decorative rocks with small sea shells.


I bought a bag of pretty shells from the Christmas Tree Shops for just $1.  I think they look very cute in this candle tray.  The shells brighten up the tray and add another beachy element to my family room.


I love this fresh look.  Do you decorate with rocks or shells?


La said...

This looks great! Seashells create a happy feeling to any decor. Happy Monday! La

niki said...

Wow wthis was a great inspiration. I'm sure these small things must have given you great amount of satisfaction. Thanks a lot for sharing.