November 24, 2010

Fall DIY Candle Centerpiece

Even though I'm not hosting Thanksgiving at my house, I still wanted to spice up my dining room centerpiece for the Fall.  I usually keep some simple white candles on a red tray and accessorize the tray for the season.  For the summer, I decorate my candle centerpiece with shells.

For Halloween, I kept the centerpiece the same but added some ghoulish cobwebs.

For Autumn and Thanksgiving, I decided to take a more natural (and less supernatural) approach to my dining room table decor.  I collected some oak and maple tree leaves from my front yard and cut a few blooming mum buds to decorate my candles.

I hot glued some pretty red maple tree leaves to decorate my first candle.  I love the naturally bright red color of these beautiful leaves.

On the next candle, I glued a nicely shaped oak leaf and then added blooming buds from my yellow and red mums for some color.  The mums are holding up well and continue to look pretty as they dry.

On the last candle, I added another maple leaf and mum clipping and tied a simple piece of twine around the candle.

Despite being very simple and quick to make, the candles add a nice Autumn touch.

I placed my DIY candles back on the red tray and replaced my summer shells with some decorative balls and blue spiraly things.  My new dining room centerpiece adds a perfect touch of fall to the room!

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