October 31, 2010

Haunted Halloween Home Decor

Happy Halloween!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween today.  We had fun dressing up and spending time with family this weekend.  At home, I spooked things up with some fun decor.  Last year, I decorated my entryway console table for Halloween, but this year I decided to focus the spookiness on my dining room.

Our dining room table received the cobweb treatment, including fake spider webs on the chandelier.  I added some red candles, but kept my usual dining room table setting the same and just added cobwebs for a spooky haunted dining room look.



Throughout the rest of the house, I left small Halloween touches like a black gel cat on a living room candleholder.


A frightful skeleton, added amidst my regular console table decor.


And of course, a traditional looking lighted jack-o-lantern added to the fun.


How was your Halloween?

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