February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Pillows

Happy Valentine's Day!  
(Love Park, Philadelphia- about 30 minutes from Casa DIY Newlyweds)

Whether you're channeling Cupid today or taking a more low-key approach, I hope everyone spends some sweet time with their loved ones today!

We don't go too crazy celebrating Valentine's Day, but Rob and I did celebrate over the weekend with a casual Mexican dinner and he spoiled me with flowers and sweet treats (I returned the favor by baking up a batch of muffins).

Decor-wise I don't decorate much for V-day and I'm not usually a pink and frilly kinda gal, but Rob's mom made us these very cute heart shaped pillows that I can't help but love. (Please excuse the grainy camera phone pics.)

valentines day pillow

They're just so cheerful I can't help but smile every time I walk past them.

heart shaped pillows

But my very, very favorite Valentine's Day decoration is my furry little Cupid:

heart pillows

He may nibble on the heart shaped pillows when we're not looking, but he's still my sweet Valentine!  

How do you celebrate the special day?

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