February 24, 2011

Indoor Herb Garden

There might still be a few inches of snow outside, but I'm already in the mood for spring!  Last week, I went shopping at the Christmas Tree Shops (one of my favorite home decor stores) during an unseasonably warm 68 degree day.  Big mistake- I wanted to buy every piece of spring merchandise in the store.  I restrained myself mostly, but I did leave with a few things.  Namely, the thought of spring gardens tempted me too much and I bought these herb growing kits.


For $3 bucks I picked up both the oregano and cilantro grow kits which came with a plastic pot, growing material, and seeds.  Similar to my amaryllis kit, once I poured water on that little disc of growing material it absorbed all of the water and filled the pot with planting material.


Prior to adding the potting soil, I used my cordless drill to drill a few holes into the bottom of the pot for better drainage.

Then I just added the seeds and in a few weeks I will hopefully have some sprouted seeds which I can move outside once spring actually comes along.   Until then, we play the waiting game!


Any tips for growing an indoor herb garden?

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