February 16, 2011

Florida Vacation Photos

Back in December, I mentioned that Rob and I snuck away for a week and headed south for some warm Florida weather.  But with the hustle and bustle of the holidays I didn't get to share much of my trip with you guys, so here's a belated look at our Florida vacation.

For the first part of our vacation, we went to South Beach, Miami.  I absolutely loved South Beach and its warm weather, beautiful beach, art deco decor, and lively atmosphere.  But most of all, I loved the gorgeous beach with white sand and turquoise water!

We stayed right on Ocean Avenue in South Beach at the Beacon Hotel.

The Beacon Hotel was built in 1937 and still has a very 30s art deco look.  Although, the hotel also had this pretty modern looking courtyard.  After dealing with a New Jersey winter, it was so refreshing to see flowers in bloom!

The 30s hotel structure meant the rooms (and elevators) were modestly sized, but we didn't mind.  We had a very cute and clean looking room.

As always, I love to mock up my own version of the hotel rooms I stay in to recreate their looks.  Here's how I'd recreate the look of this Miami hotel. (You can also check out my recreation of a modern hotel room in Las Vegas, traditional hotel room in San Francisco, and modern hotel room in San Fransisco).

After a few days in Miami, we drove about an hour north to our next destination in Delray Beach, Florida.  In Delray, we stayed at the Colony Hotel.  The Colony is also a historic hotel built in the 1920s with a self-described "Old Florida" style.

The hotel had very pretty historic details, like beautiful hardwood floors throughout the premises.  We stayed in a pretty simple room with bright orange walls and traditional furniture.


My favorite part of the room was the bathroom.  It was all white with pretty white tiles and a white marble shelf.


But the very best part of this hotel was the access to their beach club!  We spent a few days looking at this:

(Funky 70s looking photos taken using Instagram app for iPhone)

This vacation already feels like it was so long ago!  Looking back at these photos definitely brings back great (and warm) memories though!

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