February 22, 2011

Amaryllis in Bloom

Back in January, I picked up an Amaryllis bulb kit by Smith and Hawken at Target.  The bulb kit was a steal at 75% off and was marked down to just $2.50.  Yup, under 3 buckaroos for the pretty cream ceramic planter, planting material, and the actual bulb of course!

The bulb started off looking like this:


But after a few weeks the bulb finally bloomed and it is Gorgeous (with a capital G)!

amaryllis-bulb-in-bloom  amaryllis-flower

The flowers are so stunning, I’ve had a few people ask if they were even real.  Well, they’re real and they’re spectacular!  It’s so nice to have this little bit of sunshine inside during the cold winter weather (especially as there are a few inches of snow on the ground again).

Technically, this flower isn’t even an amaryllis, but is actually called a hippeastrum.  This is my first time growing these flowers, any tips for keeping them blooming?  Do you grow any winter bulbs?

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Lindsay @ A Design Story said...

WOW! It bloomed so beautifully... I want one...

Lindsay @ A Design Story