April 26, 2011

Trash Talkin’

So I know trash cans aren't the most exciting topic, but believe it or not, I bought a really exciting trash can!  We were living with a broken kitchen trash can for weeks after the step pedal broke on our old one, so I decided to use a gift certificate I had to CSN Stores to buy a new one.  I ended up getting a super exciting motion sensing trash can!  I was so excited to receive it that I even raced home from work the day it was supposed to arrive and threw open the box the second I walked in the door!

It has an infrared motion sensor (how cool does that sound) and the lid opens and closes automatically if you wave your hand over it!  Now I feel like James Bond every time I throw out a piece of trash!

And it ain't bad looking either, check out this beauty:


I bet even Jane Jetson would be jealous (well, probably Rosie since we all know she did the real housework.)

This might be going a little overboard with trash can excitement, but I even put together a little video to show everyone how it works:

Isn't that cool!  Needless to say, this is the most exciting trash can I've ever owned!  Besides being futuristic, it's also very functional as it holds a lot of trash and the lid seals tightly keeping any yucky trash smells sealed in.  Am I going overboard or do you get excited with this type of stuff too? 

(By the way, although I did buy this with a gift certificate to CSN, they did not ask me to talk about this trash can. It's entirely my craziness to write a blog post about trash!)

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