April 14, 2011

Fruitful Design

I received the May issue of Elle Decor magazine in the mail this week and the Trend Alert page jumped out at me.  Elle Decor lists fruit prints as a hot trend in both clothing and home decor this season.  It was refreshing to see such bright and fun prints featured in Elle as the magazine’s high-end design isn’t usually as playful. (At least that’s how it comes across to me. Does anyone else feel the same about the Elle Decor?)

Regardless, I love that they featured fruit prints as a hot trend because I’m in totally on board with them.  Fruit prints are so colorful and cheerful and I think they’re a perfect accent to spice up a home's décor in Spring and Summer.  They leave me smiling and singing like Carmen Miranda!

And I love that there are so many sophisticated options for fruit prints that don't look like they belong in a kid's room or on the set of the Golden Girls.  Here’s a little collage of some more fruity décor that I’m loving:

Are you a fan of fruit prints?  Oh and if you're keeping track, this is my 7th post where I've made a mention of the Golden Girls!  But only my first mention of Carmen Miranda!

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Laura@JourneyChic said...

Love that potholder! Mine are so threadbare (ineffective!) and stained. Good thing they hid in a cupboard!