April 12, 2011

Small Home Inspiration

I’m always browsing real estate listings to find our next house which we dream will have more square feet, more bedrooms, more storage, and just MORE in general.  But truth is, our house fits us perfectly for now and probably even has more room than we need.  We've even been purposely making an effort to eat in our dining room and hang out in the often neglected living room more often since we typically only spend time in our kitchen and family room.

So it was really eye opening when someone on Twitter (I wish I could remember who) posted this video of a woman’s 90 square foot New York City apartment, dubbed a “microstudio.”

Yep, 90 square feet accounts for all of her living space, sleeping area, kitchen area, and storage.  Although this isn't feasible for most people, I think what she’s doing is pretty cool.  I like the idea that her home allows her enjoy NYC, rather than just being a space to house “stuff.”

This video inspired me to check out other people who choose to live in tiny spaces, like this woman who has chosen to live in a sail boat so she can have adventures:

And some people just find big houses excessive and unnecessary.  Jay Shafer built himself an 89 square house because he was concerned about the impact of a large home on the environment and because he didn’t want to maintain a lot of unused space.  He’s since started a company, Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, to help others build tiny houses too.

Of course around the world, many people live in apartments that are small by American standards.  One architect in Hong Kong used smart design and moving walls to transform a 330 square foot apartment (which once housed his family of 5 plus a tenant) into 24 rooms.

I think these tiny homes are pretty cool and they've inspired me to think about how I use all of my space.  Do you have unused rooms in your house?  I think these small spaces are pretty cool and I like the "coziness" of them.  What do you think?


Shirley said...

Wow, that's cool! Really makes one stop and think about all the "extra" square feet that we actually have.

Laura@JourneyChic said...

I'm fascinated by these folks but am way to claustrophobic to live that way. Definitely not for me! Our third bedroom is set up as a guest room, and I'd love for it to be a craft room instead so it would get more use. But eventually it'll become baby #2's bedroom (someday) so there's no sense changing it now.