April 07, 2011

Brady Bunch House: Modernized

Since my modernized Golden Girls house was a hit, I decided to make this a regular feature on the blog!  Today, I'm putting a modern twist on the Brady Bunch house!

I loved watching this show as a kid; the Brady kids were always having fun with wholesome mischief like potato sack races in the yard, dressing up as ghosts to spook potential home buyers, and finding ancient haunted tikis in Hawaii.

Here's the happy family lined up on the stairs for a family portrait.  In one episode the boys play ball in the house, against Carol's rules, and accidentally break a precious vase on this table.  The horse luckily remains intact.

Here's Peter and Jan putting on a magic show for the family.  Cindy was too scared by the magic to attend.


I decided to recreate the Brady Bunch living room to imagine what it would look like if the show took place today.  This awesome drawing of their living room provides a good look at all of its 70s charm.


And here's my version of an updated and modernized Brady Bunch house.  As I was putting this room together, it occurred to me how much of the Brady's furniture is back in style these days!


 Here's the breakdown of this very Brady living room:

- Brown Sectional: With 6 kids the Bradys need a lot of seating so I chose a sectional rather than a sofa. It's not green and floral but it is a 70s approved chocolate brown with stain resistant fabric to boot.
-Canary Print Pillows: The floral print of the sofa had to go, but I kept a fun print with these canary throw pillows. 
- Green Chair: I had to keep some green furniture, so I chose this Z Gallerie chair which is strikingly similar to the original.
-Wood Coffee Table: I choose a mid-century looking coffee table, this time with a shelf for extra storage for the kiddos.
-Cube Side Table:  It's not a hexagon, but this chunky cube makes for a nice side table with hidden storage.
-Silver Lamp: Z Gallerie must have been checking out the Brady bunch house too because this lamp is also strikingly similar to the original.
-Striped Curtains: I'm not sure what those curtains in the background of the living room are, but I found some similar horizontal striped ones.
-Collage Frame: I couldn't resist adding a collage frame for those smiling family portraits, including Alice of course.
-Buffet Table: Z Gallerie came through again with another piece that's very close to the original.  I'm seriously starting to wonder if Mike Brady has some ties to the store.
-Horse Statue: The room can't be complete without their iconic horse, of course.  Another Z Gallerie find!

Do you approve of my modernized take on the Brady Bunch living room decor? What shows would you like to see me modernize next?


Laura@JourneyChic said...

Love it! I can't believe that Z Gallerie chair. Truly a testament to "what goes around, comes around."

Laverne said...

Love it!!! Do more, do more!