September 12, 2011

Small Entryway Makeover

I realized that there’s still much of my house that I haven’t shared and rooms I’ve never shown or talked about on this blog.  So it’s finally time that I posted a home tour here.  I’ve been waiting until each room is completely “finished” but I don’t really think each room will ever be 100% done and perfect in my mind.  I’m always going to want to shake something up and change something around, but that’s part of the fun in decorating! So, I’m going to be sharing each room of the house over the next few weeks, done or not!

First up, is another look at my entryway.  This is actually one of the first things I blogged about and unlike the rest of my house which is constantly evolving, the entryway has remained pretty much the same since I first blogged about it 2 years ago, but I figured it was time to post some refreshed photos.  This area hasn't changed much because it's so small and there's really not much to work with, but I used what I could of the space to carve out an entryway where guests could drop their coats and shoes and feel welcome.

Here’s an old before photo from when we first moved in:


Snooze fest, right?  Here’s the much livelier after photo:


We painted the walls a sunny welcoming yellow color and the door and trim got a crisp coat of white paint.  The boot tray was an easy addition and it encourages guests to kick off their shoes so that they can both come in and relax, but also so they don’t track dirt through the house! 

For some coat/purse/keys/dog leash storage I made coat hooks from a photo frame:


On the opposite wall is a piece of art with a poem by Julia Carney that I really like and I think is a nice reminder to hang by the door:

Little drops of water, little grains of sand, make the mighty ocean and the pleasant land. So the little minutes, humble though they be, make the mighty ages of eternity.

Our entryway does get a lot of use on a daily basis…mostly by this guy:

Where's Dad? Did I just hear a car? I bet it's Dad! Better wait by the door!

Our little pup likes to wait by door when we’re gone.  Especially when his dad leaves the house, he often hangs out here waiting for him to come home.  He’s a very loyal pup and he’s definitely a daddy’s boy.


Not only is the entryway a functional space, but it’s also a good spot to take a nap!

How do you like my entryway?  Any suggestions for making the most from this small space?

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Carrie Roer said...
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Carrie Roer said...

I love that picture frame-coat hook idea!!! My entryway is pretty small too, so I'm glad to see how someone else makes use of their small space. :) Found you through the link party!

Dacia said...

I think a very slender table would like nice on the wall opposite the coat rack. Maybe something with a glass top and very open feeling base so it doesn't take up too much visual space? It would be a great place for a vase of flowers, stack of books, decorative items and I think it would add a lot to the space!

Jenny @ DIY Newlyweds said...

Dacia, good thinking. There's not enough room next to the doorway to fit a table, but I do have a console table like that in the adjoining living room. I will show off some photos later this week!

Ange said...

Ah, what a cute little schnauzie. That's what we call ours anyways. :) I like your little coat hanger, picture frame. Nice entry and thanks for stopping by!

A room with a view said...

Hi, Visiting via Roomspiration. I love the tiled floor and the personal touches (and my kids would love a cute dog like that in our entryway!). Perhaps you could add a tall mirror on the left-hand-side wall and move the poem to the opposite side/nearer the coat hanger. Start to build a gallery wall maybe?

Becky said...

Our dog does the same thing...waits for the other to get home. So cute!

Great job on the makeover.

IHeart Organizing said...

Such a great solution for the itty bitty entry space! Thanks for sharing!