February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy  Valentine’s Day, friends!  Hope you get a chance to celebrate something or someone sweet in your life today.

We don’t do too much for Valentine’s Day, but my sweet hubby did get me the roses pictured above.  In fact, he is twice as nice, because he surprised me over the weekend with one bouquet of Valentine’s day roses and a second bouquet of congrats-on-your-new-job roses. 

Yep, I just started a new job that I’m pretty excited about.  But I didn’t take any time off between my old and new jobs, hence I’ve been pretty stressed and exhausted the past 2 weeks.  So in case you were wondering why you haven’t seen me blogging much, that’s why.  Hopefully I will grow accustomed to my new job, schedule, and commute and will be back in full swing soon!

But enough about that, how do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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