February 27, 2012

Pillow Talk

I am long overdue in sharing some updates for how last year’s New Diyears resolution to-do list went.  Despite my delay in updates on what went down  last year, I surprisingly got a lot of my to-do list done.  One of my checked off items is sewing new family room pillows.

I wanted to bring in the color green as an accent in my family room so I started by sewing new pillows.  I found a fun green pattern print at Joann Fabrics and bought a couple of yards, using a 40% off coupon of course, and got to work. 


This was my first time sewing pillows from scratch since probably middle school, but I’m happy at how the results turned out.  I wanted to make sure these pillows would be durable so I sewed an insert pillow out of cheap white fabric first and then used the green fabric to make the pillow covers.  I sewed an envelope style back so the pillow inserts could be slipped out and the covers could be washed if needed.  I made sure to wash and dry the green fabric before sewing to ensure the fabric didn’t shrink during future washes.


I think the pillows are pretty cute and they are comfy too.  I even got a pup stamp of approval.  (Although he’s giving me a look like “stop with the paparazzi, I’m trying to snooze here.”)

They do make a good make for a good napping spot.

The pillows go well with the argyle sweater pillow I sewed last winter too.


And they match perfectly with the quatrefoil tray I painted for the family room too.

I think with these pillows, and the vintage tea towel pillow and placement pillows I made last year, I can safely cross off “sew new pillows” from my to-do list!

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