February 22, 2012

1982 Trivia (30th Birthday Party Quiz)

Last year when my hubby turned 30, I shared the 1981 trivia quiz that I had made for his birthday party and boy am I flattered at the response!  The 1981 trivia became a big hit on Pinterest and I got many emails requesting a copy of it. But since it's 2012 now, people turning 30 this year (or celebrating their 30th school reunion or anniversary) , are born in 1982, not 1981.  So I decided to update the quiz and answers for 1982.


To make it easier for everyone, instead of emailing me for a copy of the quiz, I've made the 1982 trivia downloadable.  The first page contains the 1982 trivia and the second page is the answer key (remember to only print one copy of the key). 

Feel free to print and use this trivia to your heart’s content, but please follow this blog first, then you can download this 1982 trivia here.  Enjoy!

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